Taste Masking Technology

Taste MaskingTechnology (FlavoRiTe™)

Taste is one of the most important aspects concerning oral intake of drugs and foods. Oral administration of drugs with an acceptable degree of palatability is an important issue for patients in general and their health care providers, especially for those who care for pediatric patients. Still, several oral pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages and bulking agents have unpleasant and bitter tasting components. So, any formulation with a pleasant taste would translate into better compliance and therapeutic value for the patient and more business and profits for the company. The ongoing demand of improved palatability has urged us to develop our Taste Masking Technology.

Our Taste Masking Technology is based on the application of a specific complex of uncoated flavor masking agents and viscosity enhancing agents in a proprietary process. Our Taste Masking Technology aims to provide taste masking for unpleasant (bitter) taste accents in two subsequent phases after administration of the liquid or solid dosage forms, e.g. the onset and after-taste. It utilizes a Flavor-accent-fitted extension process that in essence is custom-made to interrelate with the negative taste characteristics of the drug.

Our technology is suitable for integration in various solid and aqueous based oral dosage forms and as a custom-made alternative for current branded and/or generic oral solid or liquid products (solutions- suspensions). It can also be applied in product development for new applications.

Our FlavoRiTe™ taste masking technology is particularly suitable for use in combination with our Instant Powder Technology (DP™) for instant “Shake-and-use” aqueous based suspension/solution products

The combined FlavoRiTe™ / DP™ technology is designed to be a platform technology for single/multi dosed powders for the reconstitution of aqueous based suspension or solution products. The combination technology can be economically applied in both Rx and OTC products.
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