Instant Powder Technology (DP™)

Instant Powder Technology (DP™)

Our Instant Powder Technology converts high-volume products into single-dosed low-volume products (liquid/non-liquid). This technology is specifically developed to increase product shelf life and improve therapy compliance.

Convenience, Hygiene + High Quality

Convenience, Hygiene and High Quality are again the key factors for offering products based on our Instant Powder Technology (Dry Powder / DP™). Keeping this technology as the foundation we have created Cough & Cold instant powder, Antacid instant powder, Paracetamol instant powder for babies, children and/or adults, Ibuprofen instant powder and Iodine instant powder.


Our Instant powder technology is unique and innovative and has many advantages for the consumer/user. We have created instant powder products that are hygienic, economical and efficient to use, have no (re)contamination risk, and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator.

Just add a little water

Our single-dose Instant powder products are easy to use, even when traveling. By just adding a little water the product dissolves immediately and the most optimal dosage is served through quick absorption with optimal efficacy and controlled release if required. All products are free of coloring agents and preservatives, free of alcohol, sugar, and potential allergens.

High-volume products become low-volume products

With our Instant Powder platform technology, we are able to convert liquid high-volume products into single-dosed low-volume products. For example, we turn a 500 ml glass bottle of cough syrup or iodine into a small package with 20 single-dose stick packs. Just by adding water to the powder of a single stick pack, shake, or stir and the correct dose is user ready. Our technology is suitable for analgesics, antacids, antibiotics, topical disinfectants and Cough & Cold formulations.


This platform technology is proven suitable to develop a range of pharmaceutical Rx and OTC products. Taste masked, single dose, and ready to use while maintaining the efficacy of conventional Solid dosage forms. Our instant powders are taste improved with our very unique Taste Masking Technology (FlavoRiTe™)

Who benefits

In addition to all consumer benefits, companies acquire great benefits through the use of instant powders. It will significantly reduce transport and storage cost and shelf life will be considerably improved. Paracetamol for babies, children or adults, Ibuprofen and iodine powder need to be registered. ForTunique does not have registration dossiers available. Cough & Cold instant powder is available as an OTC (drug) product.

Combinations can be made

Our Dry Powder Technology (instant “Shake-and-use” products) is particularly suitable for use in combination with FlavoRiTe™, our Taste Masking Technology.

This combined FlavoRiTe™ / DP™ Technology is designed to be a platform technology for single/multi-dosed powders for the reconstitution of aqueous-based suspension or solution products. The combination technology can be economically applied in both Rx and OTC products.

We’re here for you

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