We are ForTunique

We are ForTunique

We specialize in dermatological, instant powder, and taste masking technologies and offer advanced product life-cycle management.

Technologies and product ranges

Since 2002 ForTunique BV has been actively selling, producing, and delivering the best possible healthcare and skin care technologies and products specifically developed by its sister company ForTe-bv.

ForTe-bv is the inventor of the unique and patented Derma Spray™ Technology, Taste Masking Technology (FlavoRiTe™), and Instant Powder Technology (DP™). These technologies are not only innovative and groundbreaking but are also the foundation of all our products and product ranges.

Product Life-cycle Management

In addition to our technologies and product ranges, we provide full spectrum Product Life-cycle Management. We offer extensive Life-cycle support from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products.


As the Marketing and Sales Director at ForTunique BV, I have yet to have a dull moment. I’m always looking for new customers, connections, and ideas and I am eager to see what our customers achieve with our products and technologies. I love working closely with our worldwide customers to support them in the creation and marketing of their private brands and/or labels.

Iezzz line

Additionally, I am the proud, creative brain behind the BillyBob & Pebbels™ ‘íezzz line’ and the webshop www.billybobenpebbels.nl. Buttiezzz Daily and Buttiezzz Intense, Bodiezzz, Handiezzz, Footiezzz, Breathiezzz, and Poxiezzz together make a wonderful line of exquisite, luxury, extra nourishing, and nurturing baby and toddler self-care products that care for and protects the sensitive skin.

Our health- and skin care products

We offer and develop products explicitly for babies and small children, products suitable for adults, and exclusively for use by professionals. Our current and wide-ranging health care and skin care products can be acquired in different 3 ways:

  • Our products are obtainable for distribution purposes nationally and internationally

  • Our products are obtainable for the introduction or expansion of an existing private brand or private label

  • We develop a product with (your) specific requirements to be added to your (existing) product range. We gladly help with every design and production aspect of it


We support you with our knowledge, extensive experience and skills, our sales strategy expertise, a solid forecast system, and of course, a great working relationship.


After working for 10 years as a financial director at various pharmaceutical companies, I started my own pharmaceutical organization, which was sold to Vifor Pharma in 2008.

From 2009 I worked as General Manager and later as Vice president for Northern Europe at Vifor Pharma. As CFO and Business Partner of ForTe IQ bv, I oversee all Financial, Sales and marketing, and business development activities.


We proudly collaborate with a number of experts and industry specialists on an “as-needed” basis, depending on project requirements for each project. With joint forces, we are able to offer and coordinate all complimentary services required to meet the requirements of clients in the International Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

To market and create

We work closely with all our customers to market and create the best possible health care and skin care products, brands, and labels.

Best advice

We strive to give the best advice suitable to each individual market and will assist you in any way possible with the successful marketing of the products.


As the CEO and CTO, I focus on the development and licensing of Innovative drug delivery technologies and application forms.

I founded ForTe bv in 2000 and take pride in having established a respectable and successful track record. ForTe bv provides a range of “turn-key” product development, project management, and consultancy services.

Manage your product

Having the expertise to manage your product development projects from formulation design up to international product registration. I specialize in the design, development, implementation, and improvement of your solid, semi-solid, and liquid applications, technologies, and manufacturing technologies.

We’re here for you

Interested in hearing more about our health- and skin care technologies and products and how we can support you? Feel free to get in touch with us via mail or phone. We’d love to hear all about what you need and create all kinds of new possibilities for you.