Derma Spray™ Technology

Derma Spray™ Technology

Our Derma Spray™ Technology is a unique PCT-patented Derma Pump spray-on Technology that makes it possible to transform conventional creams into pump spray-on creams. Our technology can be used for general skin care and problem-solving skin care.

Derma Pump Spray-on Technology

Convenience, hygiene, and high quality are the key ingredients used to create our Pump Spray-on Technology creams. The result of this innovative technology is an all-encompassing pump spray-on ‘base’ cream providing complete skin care just by leaving a thin mist of cream on the skin.

Our ‘base’ cream

Our ‘base’ cream has high skincare and hydrating benefits. Subsequently, by adding any additional active ingredient, we turn our ‘base’ spray-on cream into a specifically targeted body care product or a high-quality problem-solving skin care product.

Light & thin like a lotion + all the benefits of a cream

Our pump spray-on ‘base’ cream feels light and thin like a lotion but holds all the important benefits of a cream. When applied to the skin in a gentle sweeping movement, our unique pump spray-on applicator leaves a perfectly dosed and thin layer of cream onto the skin.

Only the best

Our ‘base’ cream is fast absorbing, does not leave fatty residue, does not suffocate the skin, and does not lock remaining bacteria onto the skin. It allows all integrated active ingredients to work faster. Naturally, we only use ingredients that do not negatively influence the skin and therefore all products are free of preservatives, coloring agents, parabens, alcohol, and allergens.

Pump spray-on applicator

Consistently applying a sufficient and effective dosage is a great advantage of using our pump spray-on applicator. It also makes a pump spray-on cream very cost-effective because it’s proven that less volume is needed per dosage when compared to cream from a tube or jar.


Our pump spray-on cream can be widely positioned. We offer a delightful baby care product range including a diaper rash ‘prevention’ spray and a diaper rash ‘treatment’ spray. We have also developed a full range of daily body care products for adult use, including a skin protecting sport spray and an adult diaper rash spray.

Who will profit

Daycare centers, elderly homes, hospitals, and professionals will profit greatly from using our pump spray-on technology. These products are easy and incredibly hygienic to use, even when used for more than one person at a time.

There is no danger of contamination from one person to the other and by using our pump spray-on creams for problem-solving skincare it is not necessary to touch the (possibly damaged) skin.

Our Pump Spray-on Technology allows us to turn any cream into a pump-spray-on cream. That means that your own existing cream could be spray-able too.

Use your own existing cream

Our Pump Spray-on Technology allows us to turn any cream into a pump-spray-on cream. That means that your own existing cream could be spray-able too. We would love to help you explore the possibilities.

To conclude

As you can imagine, our dosed derma spray-on applications have distinguished benefits over conventional cream applications:

  • Hygienic and efficient use, no cross-contamination possible (can be used by more than one person at a time without cross-contamination)
  • Easy to use, just spray-on
  • Sprays a thin layer
  • Very economical in use, 1:3 (spray versus cream application)
  • No need to touch damaged, irritated or infected skin
  • No added colouring agents and paraben and preservatives free
  • High quality proprietary formula
  • Perfumes may be added on request

We’re here for you

Interested in hearing more about our health- and skin care technologies and our variety of products? Get in touch with us via mail or phone. We’re here for you, love to hear all about what you need and create all kinds of new possibilities for you.