Eatable and non-eatable Pump spray-on Massage Oils

Eatable and non-eatable Pump spray-on Massage Oils

We combined our patented pump spray-on technology with highly nourishing skin-reairing oils and created eatable and non-eatable massage oils.

The combination

We are all familiar with regular oil-based skin care products. We took the idea of oil-based skin care one step further and created a range of (eatable and non-eatable) skin care oils and professional massage oils and combined them with our pump spray-on technology.

Formulated skin care

The result is a specially formulated skin care (massage) oil in a pump spray-on bottle that is highly nourishing, has extra skin (scar) repairing components, is easily applied onto the skin, and allows for perfect muscle traction. Our oils are non-greasy and are well absorbed by the skin. Our pump spray-on oils are ideal to be used by professional massage therapists and non-professionals.

Eatable Massage Oils

By adding our Taste Masking Technology (FlavoRiTe™) to our oil-based skin care, we have created a unique eatable massage oil range for non-professional use. We use food-grade oils for our eatable massage oils and add the taste of fresh strawberries, caramel, chocolate, and banana. Using these oils during a massage will set free the soft fragrance of strawberries, caramel, chocolate, or banana to give an additional stimulant to all senses.

100% eatable

Our eatable massage oils are not greasy and allow for gentle and easy rubbing. The massage oils make the skin feel delightfully soft. These oils are 100% eatable.

We’re here for you

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