Product Life-cycle Management

Product Life-cycle Management

We provide full spectrum Product Life-cycle Management. We manage the entire life-cycle of your product and product ranges from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of all manufactured products.

Product Life-cycle Management

We offer and combine several of our technologies to support the right choices and improvements to include in your product life-cycle management. The technologies we offer are explicitly suitable for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic and Food products.


Every product and product range has its own life-cycle. After a product reaches its maturity phase most likely a decline phase will follow. A marketers first response is to give the product a performance boost by increasing marketing and sales budgets. In spite of this strategy the success of the product often declines or even fades out.

Extend the life and success of your products

It is of utmost importance to implement product life-cycle management while your product and product ranges are in their growth phase. With our PLC management, we can help you extend the life and success of your products by keeping them in their growth phase.

From inception through engineering

We do that by managing the entire life-cycle of your product and product ranges from inception through engineering and from design to manufacturing. Our technologies, (Taste Masking Technology (FlavoRiTe™), Instant Powder Technology (DP™) and Derma Spray™ Technology) play an important role in our PLC management.

A variety of possible product improvements

Additionally, we specialize in taste and scent improvement, reformulation technology, product composition upgrading, and dosage form adjustment. With a variety of possible product improvements, our knowledge, and technologies we strive to keep your products at the peak of their performance.

We’re here for you

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