Our Magic Touch

Our Magic Touch

We work closely with all our customers to market and create the best possible health care and skin care products, brands, and labels. We strive to give the best advice suitable to each individual market and will assist you in any way possible with the successful marketing of the products.

We’d love to share our work with you.

We are ForTunique

We specialize in dermatological, instant powder, and taste masking technologies and offer advanced product life-cycle management. Based on our technologies we create the best possible products, private brands, and private labels for you, supported by our extensive experience and skills. Together, we can provide you with solid production, marketing, sales, and distribution support and a great working relationship.

Our Technologies

Since 2002 we have been actively selling, producing, and delivering the best possible health care and skin care technologies and products specifically developed by its sister company ForTe-bv.

ForTe-bv is the inventor of the unique and patented Taste Masking Technology (FlavoRiTe™), Instant Powder Technology (DP™) and Derma Spray™ Technology.

Derma Spray™ Technology

We have created a unique PCT patented Derma Pump spray-on Technology which makes it possible to transform conventional creams into pump spray-on creams. Our technology can be used for general skin care and problem-solving skin care.

Instant Powder Technology (DP™)

Our Instant Powder Technology converts high-volume products into single-dosed low-volume products (liquid/non-liquid). This technology is specifically developed to increase product shelf life and improve therapy compliance.

Taste MaskingTechnology (FlavoRiTe™)

Taste Masking Technology is based on the application of a specific complex of uncoated flavor masking agents and viscosity-enhancing agents in a proprietary process. Developed to safely improve therapy compliance and product palatability.

Product Life-cycle Management

We provide full spectrum Product Life-cycle Management. We manage the entire life-cycle of your product and product ranges from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of all manufactured products.

Our Products

Our technologies are not only innovative and groundbreaking they are also the foundation of our products and product ranges.

Baby Diaper Rash Spray

We combined our gentle skin-nurturing creams with our pump spray-on technology to prevent + tackle diaper rash.

Adult Diaper Rash Spray

Skincare with an easy and hygienic way of application that should not be missing in any adult household or nursing home.

(Problem Solving) Skincare

Luxurious, high-quality and intensely nourishing creams. Light and thin like a lotion with all the important benefits of a cream.

Eatable and non-eatable Massage Oils

We combined our patented pump spray-on technology with highly nourishing skin-reairing oils and created eatable and non-eatable massage oils.

Instant (dry) Powder

We offer instant (dry) powder products that are easy to swallow, have no (re)contamination risk, and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator.

Instant (dry) Powder for solution

Our Instant (dry) Powder for solution platform technology converts liquid high-volume products into single-dosed low-volume products.


High-quality body care combined with our Derma Spray™ Technology for baby, adult, and professional use.

Private Brand

All our technologies and products are available to expand your existing brand or to position under one of your own product ranges.

Private Label

Our technologies and products are available to expand your category or to position under one of your own private labels.

Meet us

Meet us

Just a little taste of who we are, what we do, and why we can’t get enough of working with our unique technologies and products.

We’re here for you

Interested in hearing more about our health- and skin care technologies and our variety of products? Get in touch with us via mail or phone. We’re here for you, love to hear all about what you need and create all kinds of new possibilities for you.

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