Yes, it’s true! We turn any Cream into a Spray

What we do

We specialize in dermatological, instant powder and taste masking technologies and offer advanced product life-cycle management. Based on our technologies we create the best possible products, private brands and private labels for you supported by our extensive experience and skills. We can provide you with solid production, marketing, sales and distribution support and a great working relationship.

Our Technologies

Derma Pump spray-on Technology

We have created a unique PCT patented Derma Pump spray-on Technology which makes it possible to transform conventional creams into pump spray-on creams. Our technology can be used for general skin care and problem solving skin care. Read more ⇢  

Instant Powder


Our Instant Powder Technology converts high volume products into single dosed low volume products (liquid/non-liquid). This technology is specifically developed to increase product shelf life and to improve therapy compliance. Read more ⇢

Taste Masking 


Taste Masking Technology is based on the application of a specific complex of uncoated flavor masking agents and viscosity enhancing agents in a proprietary process. Developed to safely improve therapy compliance and product palatability.  Read more ⇢

Product Life-cycle Management

We manage the entire life-cycle of your product and product ranges from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of all manufactured productsRead more ⇢

Our Products

Baby Skin Care

We offer high quality and intensely nourishing creams combined with our pump spray-on technology and natural active ingredients for baby and professional child care use. Read more ⇢

Adult Skin Care

High quality and intensely nourishing creams combined with our pump spray-on technology and natural active ingredients for adult and professional nursing home/hospital use. Read more ⇢

Problem solving Skin Care

Specifically formulated pharma grade skin nurturing creams combined with our pump spray-on technology for diaper (nappy) rash and skin irritation for baby, elderly and professional use (nursing home, child care & hospital)Read more ⇢

Oil based Skin Care

We have created superior, non greasy, high quality (eatable/non- eatable) massage oils and combined them with our user friendly Pump Spray-on Technology. Our vast range of oils can be used by professionals and/or non-professionals. Read more ⇢

Instant (dry) powder

We have created instant powder products that are hygienic, economical and efficient to use, easy to swallow, have no (re)contamination risk and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator. Read more ⇢

Instant (dry) powder for aqueous suspensions/solutions

With our Instant Powder platform Technology we are able to convert liquid high volume products into single dosed low volume products. Read more ⇢

Oral Slimming Gel

For those who are looking for an effective weight loss product, we have created a natural slimming product that is highly effective, easy to use for any length of time, can be used ‘on the go’ and is very tasteful. Read more ⇢

ForteCare Body Care Range

ForteCare is our luxury skin care range based on our patented Pump Spray-on Technology. These creams are luxurious, silky, extra nourishing and intensely caring. These creams feel light and thin like a lotion but hold all the important benefits of a cream. Read more ⇢

Your Private Brand

Together with our sister company ForTe bv, we offer technologies and products for Pharmaceutical-, Cosmetic- and Food- companies. All technologies and products are available to expand your existing brand or to position under one of your own product ranges. Read more ⇢

Your Private Label

We offer technologies and products for Pharmaceutical-, Cosmetic- and Food- companies. All technologies and products are available to expand your categories or to position under one of your own private labels. Read more ⇢

Our Companies

ForTunique BV

ForTunique specializes in sales, production, marketing and distribution of dermatological, Instant power and taste Masking products andt and offers full spectrum product life-cycle management services created by ForTe-BV. Read more ⇢

ForTunique Incorporated USA

ForTunique Inc. USA is an independent trading company, located in New York City. ForTunique Inc. USA allows us to work closely with our USA and Canadian clients to create, manufacture and market their brands and labels. We are able to organize all USA Product Manufacturing, Supply & Distribution and invoice and currency activities close to home as it is our goal to produce and supply our USA and Canadian customers from local production companies. Read more ⇢


At ForTe-BV, sister company of ForTunique BV and internationally operating Drug Delivery and Contract Development company, we focus on creation, development and licensing of innovative drug delivery platform technologies and application forms. We work with Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies located throughout the world and provide a range of “turn-key” product development, project management and consultancy services. Read more ⇢

Our Fabulous Team

Peter Meijlink

ForTe bv is a Provider of Innovative Solutions for the International Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries. As the CEO and CTO, I focus on the development and licensing of Innovative drug delivery technologies and application forms. I founded in 2000 and take pride in having established a respectable and successful track record. ForTe provides a range of “turn-key” product development, project management and consultancy services. Having the expertise to manage your product development projects from formulation design up to international products registration. I specialize in the design, development, implementation and improvement of your solid, semi-solid and liquid applications, technologies and manufacturing technologies

Peter Meijlink

As the Marketing & Sales Director at ForTunique BV, ForTunique Inc. USA, ForteCare™ and I have yet to have a dull moment. I'm always looking for new customers, connections and ideas and I am eager to see what our customers achieve with our products and technologies. I work very closely with our worldwide customers to support them in the creation and marketing of their private brands and/or labels. Additionally, I am the proud, creative brain behind the ForteCare™ 'íezzz line' and the webshop Bodiezzz, Handiezzz, Footiezzz, Buttiezzz Sport and Buttiezzz Care is a new line of exquisite, luxury, extra nourishing and nurturing body care products that cares for and protects the skin from dryness, aging and wrinkling.  

Christian Kerkhof
Pascale Lammerts

At ForTunique BV, I am the Purchase and Logistics manager. I organize and coordinate the ordering process and I am responsible for order entry, lead times, order confirmations, production, shipment and invoicing. I am the main contact for our production facilities and suppliers and I provide our customers with information regarding their lead times and delivery status.  

Pascale Lammerts

Like what you see? We are confident that we can offer great technologies and products to create your unique brands and labels.

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