We combine high quality skin repairing creams

With our pump spray-on technology and natural active ingredients for baby, adult and professional use

Problem solving skin Care

With our pump spray-on problem solving skin care products we have created a globally unique problem solving skin care concept. We combined our high quality and naturally-based problem solving skin care creams with our patented Derma Pump Spray-on Technology. Combining the former and latter has resulted in superior problem solving skin care that feels light, nourishing and gentle like a lotion but at the same time allows for easy, hygienic and dosed application while keeping the important and intensive skin caring benefits of a cream. 

While creating our Pump Spray-on problem solving skin care line, we kept 3 important target groups in mind and defined them as (mothers of) babies, adults and health care professionals. Our motivation has been to solve daily dermatological problems and supporting the skin repairing process. With our problem solving pump spray-on skin care products we have created the possibility to apply skin repairing dermatological products as a measured dose application in a highly hygienic way and without having to touch the (possible) damaged and sensitive skin.

We offer a full range of preventative and problem solving Derma Pump Spray-on creams for baby, adult and professional care/usage.

Our problem solving skin care creams contain supportive integrated skin emollient & moisturizing properties. This important advantage of our basic formulation enhances skin barrier protection and prevents dehydration of the skin. These are important skin caring properties to avoid additional worsening of symptoms. Our basic formulation with hypoallergenic ingredients is successfully tested for its non-allergenic properties in compliance with current state of the art guidelines. The technology is suitable to integrate a wide range of dermatological active ingredients in a range of drug concentrations.

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