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Christian Kerkhof

by Christian Kerkhof on 21 maart 2014

As the Marketing & Sales Director at ForTunique BV, ForteCare™ and BillyBob & Pebbels™. I have yet to have a dull moment. I’m always looking for new customers, connections and ideas and I am eager to see what our customers achieve with our products and technologies. I work very closely with our worldwide customers to support them in the creation and marketing of their private brands and/or labels. Additionally, I am the proud, creative brain behind the BillyBob & Pebbels™ ‘íezzz line’ and the webshop Buttiezzz Daily and Buttiezzz Intense, Bodiezzz, Handiezzz, Footiezzz, Breathiezzz and Poxiezzz  is a wonderful line of exquisite, luxury, extra nourishing and nurturing baby and toddler self care products that cares for and protects the sensitive skin.


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Christian Kerkhof

Marketing & Sales Director at ForTuniqueBV, ForTunique Inc. USA, ForteCare™ and

Christian KerkhofChristian Kerkhof