We have created instant powder products

That are hygienic, economical and efficient to use

Instant (dry) powder

For many people swallowing can be a problem. When medicinal tablets or capsules are too big to swallow or if absorption via the mucous membrane in the mouth is key, medicines in instant dry powder form can be the solution.

We offer instant powder products that are easy to swallow, have no (re)contamination risk and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator. Our single dose Instant powder products are easy to use, even when travelling, are hygienic, economical and efficient. Our instant powders dissolve immediately in the mouth and the most optimal dosage is served through quick absorption with optimal efficacy. 

This platform technology is proven suitable to develop a range of pharmaceutical Rx and OTC products. Taste masked, single dose and ready to use while maintaining the efficacy of conventional Solid dosage forms. Our instant powders are taste improved with our Taste Masking TechnologyThe result is effective, easy to swallow products with very good taste and without bitterness. 

Our instant dry powder technology is (for example) highly suitable for analgesics and antibiotics. ForTunique does not have registration files available.

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Christian KerkhofInstant (dry) powder