We combine our gentle skin nurturing creams

With our pump spray-on technology. Especially for baby- and nursing care

Baby Skin Care

In the early beginnings of ForTunique we introduced a zinc oxide pump spray-on cream for use in case of diaper rash. This unique way of application of zinc oxide onto the baby buttocks was completely new. The possibility to apply a dosed, fast absorbing thin layer of cream including zinc oxide onto the skin is highly unique and effective. The added bonus is that there is no mess, no dirty fingers and no need to touch (re-contaminate) the painful baby bottom. The high quality cream does not contain parabens, preservatives, alcohol or perfume. Our pump spray-on cream is very cost effective; one spray bottle can be compared with 2 jars or tubes with the same content.

For the treatment of diaper rash without the use of zinc oxide, we have developed a 2% and a 5% dexpanthenol pump spray-on application. Our 2% dexpanthenol spray is ideal to be used as daily preventative baby bottom skin care and our 5% dexpanthenol spray is ideal to be used when diaper rash has occured. All the advantages our pump spray-on technology offers are applicable to our dexpanthenol sprays aswell.

Also new are the skin caring properties of our ‘basic’ cream, which has a double action; skin protection and skin care. The basis ingredients nourishes the skin and the added zinc oxide protects the skin. Since the introduction of our first pump spray-on cream, we have developed a vast range of Baby Skin Care products. We have created products for the prevention or treatment of diaper rash based on zinc oxide or dexpanthenol. We offer pure ‘basic sprays’ and ‘basic sprays’ enriched with Calendula and Chamomile. We also created a basic range of high quality and intensely nourishing pump spray-on creams, especially developed for the sensitive baby skin. These spray-on creams are gentle, safe to use and extra soft for the tender baby skin, with or without a lovely soft perfume.

Using a pump spray-on cream for Baby diaper rash has absolute important benefits compared to the ‘general’ standard. Painful (baby bottom)skin does not need to be touched so the babies skin can be treated without being hurt. Additionally, a pump spray-on cream is cost effective, easy to use (one hand use), is very hygienic (because there’s no contact with the content of the bottle), and has no possibility of re-contamination.

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