We combine high quality and intensely nourishing creams

With our pump spray-on technology and natural active ingredients for adult use

Adult Skin Care

High quality, effectiveness, usability and hygiene is the foundation on which our Adult Skin Care is built. The demand for quality Adult Skin Care is growing every day as we get older and when incontinence becomes a shameful issue. We have created a skin care product that nourishes and repairs sensitive skin that has been damaged as a result of incontinence. Combining our Derma Pump Spray-on Technology in combination with our Zinc oxide creams has resulted in an easy to use skin care cream with quite a unique way of application that should not be missing in any household or nursing home.

Because of this method of application there is no need to touch the often damaged and sensitive skin. The Pump Spray-on technology allows for a thin layer of nourishing and protecting cream that is perfectly dosed with every use. The cream is absorbed quickly by the skin and leaves a thin and effective protective layer of zinc oxide behind. All ingredients in the pump spray-on cream will nourish and repair the skin and the zinc oxide will protect the skin.

We have also created a range of basic skin care pump spray-on creams, especially developed for the adult skin. Luxuriously, silky, high quality, intensely nourishing and intensively caring creams that feel light and thin like a lotion but hold all the important benefits of a cream. Creams especially for the body, hands and feet, with or without a lovely gentle and soft perfume to nourishing, hydrate and protect the skin against aging and wrinkling.

All creams are of high quality and are one of a kind in their way of application due to our innovative Pump Spray-on technology; the technology to Spray any Cream. This application method makes the products highly unique, hygienic to use, easy to apply and allows for instant and dosed application.The complete series can be used to nourish the skin daily or to solve dermatological problems. 

Our pump spray-on creams do not contain harmful ingredients, no parabens, no preservatives, no alcohol and no perfume. Additionally, our pump spray-on creams are very cost effective (multi patient. One spray bottle can be compared with 2 jars or tubes with the same content.), easy to use (one hand use), is very hygienic (because there’s no contact with the inner content of the bottle), and rules out the possibility of re-contamination.

The following basic formulation skin caring properties exist for all Adult Skin Care products:

  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Moisturizes and restores skin-moisture-balance
  • Soothes the skin through quick absorption
  • Promotes skin restoration
  • Helps to protect against minor skin irritations
  • Allows the skin to heal naturally
  • Skin friendly, can be applied as often as needed

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